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Brandylynn Permanent Makeup was created in 2021, after serving as cosmetologist for 18 yrs. I decided to extend my expertise to Micropigmentation. Now I am a full time artist and I own a cosmetic tattoo studio located in Marietta GA. While committed to create cosmetic tattoo artistry that is restorative, beautiful, and transformative. Helping you save time to, restoring your confidence , and enhancing your natural beauty.

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Powder Brow

Powder Brows is a technique which creates a soft shaded effect throughout the brow without leaving any harsh lines. Can be used to create a very soft sheer natural look or bolder more filled in and defined.

Compatible Skin: All

Key points:

~ Blends best with all brow hair thickness

~ Less touch ups necessary 

~ Less scarring, better for skin integrity 

~Fades natural with no harsh lines 

~ Better for coverups

Lip Coloring

Lip Blushing is a technique used to create a very natural tinted effect to lips. Perfect for clients who wish to add color to their natural lip tone or slightly enhance their shape.

Compatiable with: Client with a natural even lip tone with any darkness.

Key Points:

~ Desired colors can be created

~ Not a lipstick effect

* Lip Blush can NOT be used to enhance lip size.

Lip Neutralization

Lip Neutralization is a form of lip blush where specfic lip pigments are used to neutralize any natural dark tones found in the clients lip. This is the first step in getting clients with darker lips to their desired color.

Compatible with: Clients who notice uneven pigmentation throughout their lips. ( Usually brown or purple hues around the outer areas of their lips)

Key Points:

~ Specific pigments must be used and avoided in order to neutralize and not enhance darkness

~Can take multiples sessions to achieve desired results.


This technique creates a soft wing effect with some added shading for an enchanted look without creating a harsh thick line.

Key Points

~ Not best for hooded eyes and very small enhancements make to look natural.

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    " Brandylynn, thank you for the excellent service."


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    "Hands down the best eyebrow tech in PA very professional. I recommend her HIGHLY."

    - KITA

  • ★★★★★

    " My service was refreshing. The atmosphere and artist was awesome. I highly recommend you! Thank you."


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Brandylynn Permanent Makeup Studio


    Commited to create cosmetic tattoo artistry that is restorative, beautiful, transformative. We help you save time to, restoring your confidence, and enhancing your natural beauty.


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